Stanley "Stan" Gleeful, an antagonist of Reverse Falls, is the relative (great uncle or gruncle) of Dipper Gleeful and Mabel Gleeful. Some say that Stan doesn't have powers, but there is no confirmation yet. Stan may or may not have a wife. If Stan does have a wife, it's likely Reverse Lazy Susan.

Appearance Edit


Stanley Gleeful

Stanley wears a pink Hawaiian shirt and a farmer's hat. Some illustrations include him in a light blue suit with a turquoise crystal.

Personality Edit

Like the Dipper and Mabel, Stan is also mean and deceitful. While he is deceitful in Gravity Falls, Stan in Reverse Falls will act nice in public; in reality, like his great niece and nephew, is sadistic and enjoys killing. He watches over the twins torture and kill their victims and doesn't stop them.

His worst enemy is Bud Pines, father of Gideon Pines. At first they became friends, but for some reason, they became enemies.

Relationships Edit


Dipper and Mabel Gleeful Edit

His relationship with his great niece and nephew appears to be really good. He doesn't stop Dipper and Mabel from killing; he rather enjoys it. As well as torturing William Cipher with the twins, he is also their partner in crime in the Tent of Telepathy. He is cruel like the twins and watches over them when they kill and smile.

He does love them and is proud of their evilness.

Stanford Gleeful Edit

Stanley's relationship with his twin brother seems to be better than the Stan Pines twins.