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Reverse Fiddleford McGucket is the reversed version of Fiddleford McGucket. He's a scholar in reverse form and still has his sanity.

Appearance Edit

Reverse McGucket's appearance differs greatly from his counterpart Old Man McGucket. He is either drawn with gray hair, a short white beard, and a black suit, or pale brown hair and a turtleneck sweater (similar to Stanford Pines).

In other head-cannons it's said that Fiddleford is a suspicious man with a similar age range to Ford and Stanley. In fan-art, along with cosplay and fan-fictions, Fiddleford has a metal robotic arm replacing either his left or right reaching up to his shoulder, without a white beard. He still holds onto his dirty blond mullet, and his constant clothes of vests and neon or black dress shirts.

Personality Edit

McGucket is still sane in the Reverse Falls, considering he hasn't used the memory gun on himself multiple times. He is often shown to be more mature than Stanford Gleeful, but it's unknown if they are still friends, or have any sort of relationship.

He's considered a mechanical genius, though in a proper and organized manner he creates his monsters of machines in secret, or for terrorizing the town.

Some interpretations say that Reverse Fiddleford is a successful scientist who studied robotics, and now helps the Gleeful twins build the props for their shows. He spends his spare time building robots for Stanley, who is a great friend of his.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Fiddleford McGucket has a loving wife and children, most notably Tate. Tate (known in Gravity Falls as the son who does not acknowledge his father) admires his father intensely and is constantly attempting to impress him with inventions just like his own.