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Reverse Falls is a fan-made, alternate universe version of the popular TV show Gravity Falls. This timeline contains "reversed" versions of all Gravity Falls characters.

The four main characters of Reverse Falls also have different names:

  • Mabel Gleeful, who is the reversed form of Mabel Pines.         
  • Gideon Pines, who is the reversed form of Gideon Gleeful.         

Bill Cipher is replaced by William Cipher, who is often referred to as Bill's brother. He is a blue triangle often seen being quite emotional and sobbing due to the twins torturous behavior towards him. He is locked up in the Gleeful’s mansion, being used for his powers. Bill and William Cipher are polar opposites.                  


Reverse Falls characters: (from left to right) Gideon Pines, Pacifica Southeast, Reverse Bill, Mabel Gleeful, and Dipper Gleeful

Stanley and Stanford Gleeful are still Mabel and Dipper's great uncles. They are often depicted as wizards/sorcerers, though in some head-cannons it's also explained that Stanley owns the Tent of Telepathy, training the twins in show and Drama. So far, Stanley could be depicted as a type of Bud Gleeful or just as the rich uncle, along with Ford presenting as his counterproductive nasty twin brother.         
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The other characters of Gravity Falls are also 'reversed', so they have the opposite attitude. For example, Mabel and Dipper are villains in Reverse Falls.

Who was the first person to talk about Reverse Falls? Edit

The AU was created by an artist by the name hotdogboyfriend (a.k.a. soosramirez) on Tumblr during the first half of October 2012.[1]

But according to research, our Founder of this wikia is CutiepieDipDip

Trivia Edit

  • The normal Mabel and Dipper have their "awkward sibling hug". In this, the Gleeful twins have their "hug without affection".
  • There is also another alternate version to this, in which the Gleeful (Pines) twins are half demon and half human. However, it is not an official part of the Reverse Falls AU.


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