**Note: As Reverse Falls is a generally fan-created and fan-sustained universe, there are many different interpretations of this pairing and its validity & role. The following article details the most popular description of the pairing within the community, following the reversal of the Gravity Falls Magibeleon, and does not represent all possibilities and interpretations of the ship.**

Reverse Magibeleon is the shipping of Mabel Gleeful and Gideon Pines.

Some say that, in the head canon, Mabel has a crush on Gideon Pines, but this remains unconfirmed.

Reverse Magidbeleon, Mabel Gleeful and Gideon Pines.

This ship originated from the first Magideon, Mabel Pines and Lil' Gideon Gleeful from Gravity Falls. Reverse Magideon has been made by the fans of Reverse Falls. There are mixed feelings about this ship within the community. Some like or love the shipping, and some don't if not hate it as well as the Magideon ship from the canon show, Gravity Falls.

In interpretations that confirm this ship, Mabel is infatuated with Gideon and pursues their relationship, as Gideon Gleeful does to Mabel Pines in Gravity Falls, but Gideon is uninterested and made extremely uncomfortable by Mabel's interest. Mabel's character is portrayed as physically beautiful, intimidating, and used to getting her way constantly. Unlike every other boy in town, Gideon seems to be the only one resistant to her flirting and charm, which often angers as well as intrigues her. In some interpretations, Mabel believes that Gideon is ruining her plans for the relationship.