Bud Pines is the father of Gideon Pines, owner of the Reverse Mystery Shack, and an unlikely, yet possible journal author.

Appearance Edit

So far, Bud Pines has not been illustrated that Bud Pines wears a suit and hat like Grunkle Stan. He is often depicted as wearing a "wife beater"-style sleeveless undershirt, a black coat, a black broad-rimmed hat, and blue jeans.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Bud Pines, other than the fact that he owns the reverse Mystery Shack, and that he used to be friends with Stanley Gleeful, until an unknown reason caused them to not like each other.

He and his wife are known to be very cruel to their son, Gideon. They do not support him and simply wish he was never born, constantly abusing him with beatings.

More Info Edit

Bud Pines as a character is often synonymous with his wife, acting as the character unit "Gideon's Parents". For more information on Bud Pines in this respect, please see our page on Mr. and Mrs. Pines.